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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  January 23, 2011 10:00am-11:00am EST

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right now on "msnbc sunday," bitter blast. as much of this nation deals with plunging temperatures, a new storm threatens the northeast. we're live with the weather channel. two days to go. we're getting an early glimpse of what president obama will say in his upcoming state of the union address. mtv's racy new show "skins." does this mean execs will tone
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it down? plus -- they're here. we're getting an early look at the super bowl ads. will these be among the brightest and the best? we'll see. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday." we just passed 10:00 a.m. on the east coast, 7:00 a.m. out west. arctic air is gripping the midwest and northeast and temperatures will continue to plunge through monday. wind chills in philadelphia near zero. in ohio a record minus 11 degrees hit zansfel. along the coast in north carolina not your usual day at the beach, a dusting of snow covering the sand dunes there. forecasters warn more snow could be on the way. frigid temperatures caused tragedy in illinois. two teenagers were killed when their pickup truck skidded on an icy roadway and smashed into a school bus. for more on this deep freeze let's go to the weather channel's alex wallace. keeping you busy. good morning. >> good morning to you, alex. yes indeed, busy here for sure,
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and a lot of folks are dealing with their heating. working overtime out there because they need it. very cold conditions here for our sunday. these are high temperatures for this afternoon. now, this would be cold. 18 in chicago for just the morning. but that's all you're going to manage for your afternoon high. 25 there for you in st. louis, and it's not just the midwest. the northeast, you're in the act as well. you're going to be pretty chilly in pittsburgh at 16 degrees. of course we've got some football action there later on this evening. for the afc championship. boston, new york city stuck in the low to mid 20s. so well below average in all of those spots. now, we work our way into tonight because we're going to be watching this next system developing now right along the gulf coast, spreading in some lighter showers right along the texas and louisiana gulf coast areas. now, once we progress on into that monday time frame, the system works a little bit farther east and we're going to be dealing with a deechblt amount of rain here for us. atlanta, birmingham. at least initially. overnight hours, tuesday into wednesday, some of that may transition to some rain and snow. is we'll have to keep a track on
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that in parts of the south. and then of course the system's going to begin to work its way up the coast and that could mean some big problems for us on the east coast. it's all going to depend on the track of this system. one path may take it just a little bit offshore. if that happens, well, that's going to keep all the cold air in place here along that 95 corridor. so from boston down toward d.c., cold air, moisture coming in, that's going to mean big-time snow. so we'll have to keep a track on that for the middle part of the week, al ex-. >> okay. alex wallace, many thanks. new word this morgan from the house majority leader as president obama lays out his priorities on the upcoming state of the union address. on "meet the press" eric cantor took exception to one key word in the president's plan. >> when he talks about investing, i think even someone from the white house this week had said that this is going to be a cut and invest white house. we want to cut and grow. because when we hear invest from anyone in washington, to me that means more spending. >> let's bring in msnbc news
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white house correspondent mike viqueira. good sunday morning, mike. so you heard the congressman's reaction there. do you think that suggests the president might have a tough time pushing through plans in the republican-controlled house now? >> well, one thing that's going to be interesting about tuesday night, alex, is in the wake of the tragic events in tucson remember that the members have said that they're not going to sit apart from each other, they're going to literally cross that aisle that runs down the center of the house chamber, the one the president walks down to as he enters the chamber, and sit together. so when one side sits up and one side sit down when the president sees something, we might see it more interspersed, at least a little more visually interesting. although you can still expect the same disagreements to take place as illustrated there by what eric cantor said on "meet the press." yesterday the president did something interesting and almost unprecedented. he made a web video that really previewed what he's going to say in the state of the union. the venue may have been interesting, or unusual, but what he said in terms of the content, not that unexpected. he said he's going to be
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focusing on the economy, the new buzzword here from the administration, competitiveness, competing for markets abroad, a leaner, meaner u.s. economy for certain. now, the unemployment rate is still 9.4%. 15 million people in this country are still looking for jobs. the president and virtually every public appearance he's had in the last several days trying to emphasize the economy, trying to emphasize what he's doing to boost the economy, which is growing slowly but not fast enough to bring down that unemployment rate. another issue on the republican side. traditionally when the president gives his state of the union address there's a republican response, and indeed representative paul ryan, jamesville, wisconsin, if anybody's interested, will be delivering the official republican response that's carried by all the networks. but there's going to be another response, and that's from michele bachmann from minnesota, the tea party firebrand, almost competing with the republican response. and so the question to eric cantor from david gregory this morning on "meet the press" was are you having a problem keeping these fiscal conservatives, these tea party folks that came
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in and swept you to power in the house, is there conflict within the republican party? and here's his response. >> i think that washington has been about its bigger spending ways for a long time -- >> so you think the tea party's here to stay? >> absolutely. and i think that they bring a very fresh new look to all spending and get us more in sync with the people in this country as far as living within our means. >> now, it's the house of representatives led by eric scanter as the majority leader and of course speaker john boehner that earlier last week passed that repeal of the president's health care law. of course passed into law just last april. republicans swear they're going to move into senate with that, that was their message yesterday, although no one's giving them any realistic chance to do that, today mitch mcconnell the republican leader in the senate said they're going to find a way to bring that to vote in the senate one way or the other. it's not expected to pass. >> mike viqueira at the white house. thank you, mike, for that preview. msnbc will of course have special coverage of the president's state of the union
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address. it is tuesday night at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on msnbc. a doctor at the texas hospital treating congresswoman gabrielle giffords says she is progressing with her therapy. the congresswoman arrived at the houston hospital friday for rehabilitation. she of course shot in the head while meeting with constituents in tucson, arizona two weeks ago. nbc's janet shamlian live for us once again in houston. and janet-w another good morning the doctors say an early start to rehabilitation is really key to limiting permanent damage, right? >> reporter: that's right, alex. and we know it's already starting because we have a breaking tweet, if you will, from twitter from the husband of gabrielle giffords, astronaut mark kelly, who just a few minutes ago tweelted "gabrielle starts her second day of rehab in 20 minutes." so that's right about now she's starting at memorial hermann. "no weekends off here." so they're getting started quickly, they're getting started early, and as we noted earlier there is an issue with some fluid on her brain. she's going to stay in intensive care a little bit longer before
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being transferred to the full rehab facility. however, that will not delay, as we're hearing, the start of her rehabilitation process here at the texas medical center. so they are getting going. and we don't know when she'll be transferred over. but she's meeting with teams of therapists who now have conceivably drawn up a plan for the next few months. alex? >> yeah. it's so cool that we can find that information that mark's being so forthcoming with that and getting it out there. no, it really is, right? >> reporter: yeah. and he's set up a twitter account. she has one too. but he tweeted i think it was yesterday as well how things were going, that she had settled into her room. and of course his followers are now skyrocketing because he is providing these updates. but yes, he's apparently with her sxheerks they're getting started in therapy at this hour here at memorial hermann. >> well, we're all speending a bunch of great vibes that way. take a look at this dash cam video released by the utah highway patrol friday. it shows an officer breaking the
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driver's side window of this car during the traffic stop in august and then punching a 59-year-old woman five times. officers say they stopped the driver because she was speeding. she was weaving in and out of traffic. the man seen throwing the punches says the woman refused to cooperate, she was revving up her engine. sew says he did what he had to do to keep her fra possibly running him over. >> i remember a black glove just coming through, hitting me, you know, just smack. >> sergeant andrew davenport has been put on paid administrative leave, and right now there is a pending personnel matter. and so because of that i'm not able to really talk much about the incident. >> well, the court records show the driver -- report records show the driver was charged with failing to stop for police. that charge was dismissed a bit earlier this month. sorry about that little audio problem there. close call. a driver barely escapes a truck crash on a snowy highway. you're going to hear what he had to say. this is incredible video. and later, it's being bought
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look at this freak accident caught on camera in toronto, canada. there it is. that's a tractor-trailer absolutely losing control after sliding on the slippery highway, crashing through that median. well, the driver taking this video frantically swerved right there as you can imagine to avoid this oncoming disaster. >> i literally just missed the front of this truck as it was coming apart, and luckily i missed it just in time, and i pulled over. luckily no, one was hurt. >> amazingly, not only were that driver and his passengers okay, as he said no one was hurt in this incident. well, police have charged the driver of the tractor-trailer with some careless driving. you might as well call it date night on capitol hill.
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a well-intentioned yet somewhat peculiar spectacle is unfolding on capitol hill as the president prepares for his state of the union address on tuesday lawmakers are embracing a plan to sit with members from the opposite side of the aisle. republican john thune has accepted an invitation from democrat kirsten gillibrand. anthony weiner will be sitting next to peter king despite their recent shouting match on the house floor. chuck schumer will be alongside tom coburn even though their politics could not be farther apart. karen finney is an msnbc political analyst and former communications director for the dnc. this is going to be fun. i mean, literally i think we're all just going to be watching for more cutaways. >> absolutely. and will they coordinate outfits? >> oh, well, the red versus blue, i don't know about that. but how about the spirit in which this is all being done? critics say it rings a little hollow. they say one night of symbolic hand holding is almost insulting the public's intelligence because it feels like a charade. i don't know. what's your take? >> well, here's the thing, though. i mean, part of leadership and part of, you know, as with the
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state of the union, as with inaugurations, i mean, there's a bit of theatrics to it, but we're a visual culture. so the idea of images, of members of congress from different parties sit togethein together, some people might see it as a little bit of a gimmick but i think ultimately people might like that depending on what happens next and how people will conduct themselves after the state of the union when we get down to the nitty-gritty of talking about the issues. >> okay. do you think this is an example of disconnect between congress and the general public, when lawmakers are supposedly trying to do something good it just doesn't feel right? >> no. main, look, i think lawmakers -- i think you're right, they're trying to do something good and they're trying to actually listen to what americans want, which is, you know, i think americans have been saying for quite some time now they're sick and tired of all the partisan games, they want to see these guys coming together and doing something to move the country forward. again, i think ultimately it
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will be about what happens after the fact. i mean, the president has a really unique opportunity, as we saw in tucson, to kind of be the adult in the room. we've seen some childish behavior on both sides, i have to admit. and you know, there he's going to be. and you know, mike viqueira was talking about some of the themes, competitiveness, winning the future. who doesn't agree with that? those are common frameworks that we should all be able to agree to. >> right. unless it's within just the democratic party or within just the republican party, like competing and they've got to win and there's not an embracing of this new feeling. >> that's right. >> we're not going kumbaya on everybody, but -- now, where there is no place that you can choose the bipartisan seating, that's behind the president. we have vice president biden. he's going to be sitting next to the new republican house speaker john boehner. in your opinion, karen, do you think we're going to see a blending of partisan ideas, or is this going to be a one-night affair? >> you know what? i think the framework that the president is going to try to lay out, again, this idea of increasing -- excuse me --
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american competitiveness and winning the future and making critical investments should be a framework under which different ideas can then come together underneath it. we may disagree on some of those ideas, but if we can at least set out, i think this is one of the things the president does very well, if our common goal is we know we've got to be more competitive, we've got to open additional markets for our products, we've got to create jobs here at home, if we can agree on that, then yes, we may have some, you know, strong disagreements on how we get there, but if we're all working together for the same goal hopefully then that unifies us as a country. i think that's what you're going to hear him try to say, and i think it's going to be hard for members of both parties to disagree with that. >> is there an expression, a line, a concept, something that you as you think about what the president needs to do on tuesday night, that you've thought to yourself i really want him to go there, i really want him to say this? >> yeah. you know, i'm sort of listening for a little bit of that yes, we
10:19 am
can but sort of in the bigger context of america. you know, i think as we're coming out of, you know, a tough economic time and we're looking at our future, i want to hear the president be a cheerleader for america a little bit. that was part of what he did in tucson. i think we need some of that. so i want to hear some, you know, let's go america kind of talk. >> okay. well, i bet he's listening and he's probably going to do what you say. >> he could also, you know, give me a shout out too. i don't think that will happen. >> karen finney. not that it shouldn't. thank you very much. >> thanks, alex. a new development in court for the american student trying to overturn her murder conviction in italy. could the case be going her way? and a new sign that sarah ferguson may no longer persona non grata with the royal family. we've got a live report from london coming up next on "msnbc sunday." ♪ hello, i love you ♪ let me jump in your game
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general motors is planning to add hundreds of jobs in
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michigan, and that tops our business headlines. a person close to the plan says gm will add more than 600 jobs to the flint assembly plant. gm is expected to announce that plan monday. a bit later in the week we'll get a look at the strength of the economy in the final quarter of last year. some economists are predicting as much as 4% growth in the gross domestic product. and we're going to see more earnings reports. the winners could be caterpillar, netflix, and the streamlined yahoo. so we all know that it is easier than ever before to share your information online, but of course reverse is also true because it's getting harder and harder to protect your personal information. used to be you could set your social networking profile to private and then be diligent about deleting those web cookies that track you online. but the marketers and hackers have figured out new ways to spy on even the most cautious of internet users. the current issue of "popular mechanics" explores the top new threats to your privacy and what to do about them. and joining me live to talk about it, seth borges, editor
10:24 am
for "popular mechanics." good morning. >> good morning, alex. >> this is pretty scary when you look at how your gadgets spy on you but the threat number one you say the super cookies that track your only behavior. >> everybody knows about web cookies that have long been used by web servers to track your behavior. and you can go into the control panel and turn it off. but that doesn't affect this new type of cookie that's called a flash cookie or if you're being a little crazier a super cook yeh. this uses the adobe flash program to track your behavior independent of your browser. >> how do you know if you've got this super cookie on you? >> whuf got to do in order to turn them off is you've got to find a sort of secret hidden control panel outside your browser. i know, right? and you do that by flash clicking on a flash video say a youtube video and it brings up this menu and from there you can turn off your flash cookies. >> what about the other three, you're talking about location-based services. what's that? >> these are services like four-square and gowalla which people use to broadcast to their friends where they are when they're out so they can meet their friends.
10:25 am
problem is anytime you broadcast your geographic physical location there's an inherent privacy risk involved. >> oh, yeah. what comes to mind is not only if someone's trying to find you that you don't necessarily want can be right there but if someone knows where you live and know you're not there. >> there used to be this site up called please rob that would take people who had left their house and say rob me. however, you've got to keep in mind these things are voluntary. people do it because they're fun. the main problem is a lot of people link their four-square accounts up to more publicly available accounts so even if their friends can only see their foursquare check-ins it might be linked to their twitter or facebook and those might be public for everybody else to see. >> how about data mining? what's the problem with that? >> when you use facebook a lot of people use these cute little apps like farmville and all these silly games. and these games, these apps, what they do sometimes is they snoop on you, they get your personal information and they suck it up for advertising and marketing purposes. >> okay. so that's a problem right there. another threat, you're talking about wi-fi hijacking. i've had to deal with that. seems like a great thing. i mean, free wi-fi.
10:26 am
but there's a cost to privacy there. >> there is. whenever you use a public wi-fi hot spot you are putting yourself at risk. >> like the airport, starbucks, wherever. >> wherever. because basically a savvy hacker can get into the same hot spot you're on and do something called session hijacking where they basically log into your e-mail, log into your facebook account. it's really scary. >> but what about passwords? you've got to have passwords to close those things out. >> you've got to view it sort of like they set up this net and everything that's going over this public wi-fi hot spot they kind of intercept it. even if you're broadcasting your password they can suck up that password. >> yikes. this is kind of scary. all right, everybody, one more time. how your gadgets spy on you. got that? we have a full screen. it's probably easier to see. thanks for explaining it all. it's important stuff. another advertiser pulls out of mtv's new show "skins." we're going to show it to you here on "msnbc sunday." ♪ 100 crisps, 100 ways. ♪ everything pops with pringles.
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border temperatures could fall to 15 below. frigid weather is also blanketing the midwest. and we've got the weather channel's mike seidel right in the middle of it in chicago, illinois where the bears will take on the packers today. you know, mike, it was snowing there earlier. it looked terrible. it looks prettier, but it looks cold. i don't know how to explain that. but it just looks cold there. >> reporter: yeah, it doesn't look like it's 75 degrees. is that because there are no boats in the slips out here, alex? and it's all iced over. that's probably a good giveaway. behind me is soldier field. today's game, 3:00 eastern, 2:00 here in chicago. wind not an issue. the playing field is the big question. but they have the blowers and the tarp on and coils under the field. kickoff here, 19 degrees. wind chill about 10. the other game this evening 6:30 eastern heinz field, steelers and jets, another classic match-up. 14 there for kickoff and wind chill's about 35 or 5 or so.
10:31 am
pictures from wilmington, north carolina yesterday afternoon, last night, didn't get a whole lot in will ming ton. you go along the coast to the outer banks, around cape hatteras that beautiful beach area where we're often there for tropical storms and hurricanes, great vacation spot. six to seven inches of know. frisco, atlantic beach south of there had seven inches of snow. now the cold weather. into the upper midwest, duluth, minnesota it's always cold there in the winter isn't it? their average high is 18. yesterday, only 5 degrees starting off at 13 below, but on friday morning in duluth it was 25 below zero at the same time in nearby international falls friday morning you probably heard about this number, 46 below. hasn't been that cold in the icebox in 100 years. that's cold stuff. now, we talk about today's highs. minneapolis-st. paul 13. chicago here will get up to around 19. 10 degrees off average. cincy at 19. into the northeast this afternoon temperatures generally around 20 degrees or so. boston we may get up to 20 if we're lucky.
10:32 am
the average high in boston 36. and that leads us into the icy cold morning tomorrow morning. it will be the coldest morning for most of the northeast. look at those lows. in central park in new york, 9 degrees. the suburbs will definitely drop down below zero. providence goes down to 1 below zero. that's the first time you've been below zero in providence in six years. boston to zero. saranac lake, new york up there in the adirondacks, alex, 28 below zero. wind chill warkz up there. wind chills 40 below zero. up in northern maine around caribou and halton wind chills dropping to 50 below zero. then we're all watching this storm. the wind energy, the disturbance is still in the pacific northwest but all the momds will drop it south, bring it up the east coast in the south where we had big issues a couple weeks ago it's going to be mainly rain, maybe some snow on the back end. east coast is still not etched in stone. the track will determine what we get precip-type wise, snow or rain. interior chance of snow we're thinking mostly a rain setup in
10:33 am
new york and boston. but that's going to change a few more times, alex, between now and wednesday as the track changes. best bet is sit tight be prepared and we'll keep you updated here on msnbc and also the weather channel. it's cold this morning right now, alex. 10 degrees. 10 degrees here on the lakefront. >> yeah, i've got up right now checking a lot of different things across this country. thank you very much, mike seidel. stay warm. five americans lost at sea have been found at sea after they became lost sailing from guam to the philippines. a rescuer says the 38-foot catamaran developed engine problems in rough seas. he says the woman and four men on board are all in fine health. rescuers are now escorting that boat to its original destination in the philippines. after weeks of infighting and uncertainty there is new hope for the government in afghanistan. legislators held a series of last-minute talks with president hamid karzai to try to avoid an angry showdown over when to convene that country's parliament. that panel is now expected to be seated in the next three days. karzai's getting credit for giving the inaugural go-ahead
10:34 am
and avoiding a constitutional crisis. nbc's atia is live in kabul for us. what is behind this and where does it stand now? >> reporter: good morning, alex. well, chaos is not a new word in afghanistan, especially when it comes to the government of afghanistan. this all started in september of 2010 during the elections and security everywhere, candidates angry, allegations of fraud and corruption. those allegations and those complaints are still being investigated to the point that president karzai and many of those candidates who did not want a seat are upset and they feel that the parliament shouldn't be inaugurated. but on the other side you have candidates who did win the seat, whether it was with fraud and corruption or not, and they want to be inaugurated. but president karzai said that he would delay it for one month because of what the special tribunal who was investigating the cases recommended to the president.
10:35 am
this obviously caused pandemonium among the parliamentarians, whose first act as legislators was going to be to break the law and actually inaugurate themselves without the president. president karzai did avert the chaos. he said that he would wait just a few days instead of 30 days. but at the same time these parliamentarians must recognize the special tribunal. and if these parliamentarians are inaugurated and later found to have criminal charges against them, they would be kicked out. alex? >> is there any chance that they will be without an effective government, or is this going to secure that they're going to be able to move forward and govern their country? >> well, this will secure in a way that the government will move on. but at the same time this story's not over. the chaos will continue. you still have candidates who did not win in the elections who are angry that the inauguration will take place. just this morning here in the capital of kabul they had a
10:36 am
protest with a few hundred supporters, and one parliamentarian, former parliamentarian who did not win told me that this is just a small example of what they will do throughout the country if the inauguration does take place. >> all right. nbc's atia abawi, thank you very much for the live report from kabul. our world rue this morning begins in southern pakistan with a deadly passenger bus crash. 30 people were killed when that bus crashed into an oil tanker. survivors say both vehicles caught fire so quickly that most passengers didn't have a chance to escape. in northern germany a river is close to reaching record levels after weeks of snow and ice. rising temperatures and heavy rains have triggered flood warnings in many regions. crews are now using sand bags and pumps to push that water back into the river. in paris huge crowds came out for a monet weekend marathon. the grand palais gallery opened and will close monday night. it includes the beautiful "water lilies." more advertisers are pulling
10:37 am
their commercials from the controversial new mtv show "skins." first taco bell and gm announced they were canceling their ads for the show. now wrigley has followed suit. and now h & r block says its ad wasn't supposed to run during the show in the first place. nbc's jeff ross zen here in studio joining me with more. i've got an idea looking at the video what this controversy's all about. >> the dominoes are starting to fall, aren't they? when the advertisers go, as you know, television networks are in real trouble. critics are blasting the show "skins" because most of the actors are underage. some of them as young as 15 years old. they're half naked, they're doing drugs, and now one of the biggest parents' groups in the country is calling for a federal investigation, saying "skins" may be child pornography. the numbers are in, and mtv's "skins" is an instant hit. this week's premiere, watched by 3.3 million people, many of them young children. the premise is simple. a group of high school friends talking sex -- >> you promised to tell about stanley today.
10:38 am
>> what? >> the virgin thing. >> reporter: having sex. >> i'm busy. >> reporter: drinking and doing drugs. >> purchase the narcotics and get your [ bleep ] butt here. >> it's hot. >> reporter: usually it's the race ry reality shows stirring things up. think "jersey shore." not here. "skins" is a scripted series. based on a british hit show. >> do you have to do that? >> what? >> suck his face off in public all the time. >> reporter: and just like there the actors here are real teenagers. aged 15 to 19. doing things like this. ♪ and this. >> got to go. is she breathing? >> we have a major conglomerate, viacom, and mtv that is directly marketing to children graphic sex, profanity, drug use. >> reporter: the parents' television council, an advocacy group, just sent this letter to the house and senate judiciary committees, demanding an investigation, saying mtv may be violating federal law, including sexual exploitation of children
10:39 am
and child pornography. >> their defense is likely to be oh, come on, this is just a television show. but that's not really a defense because that's not the issue. the only issue is are there kids involved who are under the age of 18? that's it. that's enough. that's child pornography. >> reporter: there is a warning at the top of the show, but critics say that's not enough. >> viewer discretion is advised. >> reporter: mtv isn't backing down, telling nbc news "skins is a show that addresses real-world issues confronting teens in a frank way. we are confident that the episodes of "skins" will not only comply with all applicable legal requirements but also with our responsibilities to our viewers." but some parents say it's not just the content they find outrageous, it's the marketing. >> the way they have marketed this is overtly to teens. this is like joe camel on steroids. >> are you still a virgin? >> yep. >> alex, as you mentioned at the top, taco bell, gm, and wrigley have all pulled their advertising from the show. and that parents' group is now
10:40 am
calling on all of the other advertisers to follow, hoping when the advertising collapses the show will collapse. but we did talk to mtv. they said they're standing behind it, the show is alive and well, and it actually airs again tomorrow. >> and look how much publicity they're getting. >> yeah, right. >> the cynic in me comes out. >> mmttv is not crying a river over this publicity. >> we'll see how long it lasts but they're getting what they need to right now. thank you, jeff rossen. the guest list for prince william and kate middleton's wedding is still under wraps but a british newspaper has reported that a royal outcast has scored an invite. the "daily mail" says prince william has insisted that sarah ferguson be placed on the guest list. fergie made headlines last may when she was caught on camera attempting to sell access to her ex-husband, prince andrew. the duchess of york hasn't commented on the report that she has made that cut. rising prices. could we see $4 a gallon for gas and $5 a pound for coffee in the not too distant future? plus -- >> pepsi max. zero calories. >> maximum taste.
10:41 am
honey, honey, honey! >> sorry. >> early ad favorites. a look at some of the super bowl ads already hitting the internet. [ female announcer ] sometimes you need tomorrow to finish what you started today. for the aches and sleeplessness in between, there's motrin pm. no other medicine, not even advil pm, is more effective for pain and sleeplessness. motrin pm. i was 18 years old before i had my first fresh bun.
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10:44 am
on the 20th anniversary of the gulf war nbc "nightly news" anchor brian williams sat down to talk with president george herbert walker bush and key members of his foreign policy team. the team including former vice presidents dan quayle and dick cheney and former secretaries of state james baker and colin powell, all gathering for a round table discussion at the bush library in texas. topics of conversation range from the administration's political legacy to historic moments in the first bush presidency, including the gulf war. >> the decision to end the war, where you did, when you did, tell us about that. >> well, we had an objective,
10:45 am
and the objective was to kick this guy out of kuwait. and we did it. and we formed a coalition to help achieve that. and so it didn't enter my mind that we ought to do more, that we ought to go on further, now we're in charge here, we ought to kill him. i mean, that wasn't the objective and that wasn't the way in which we formed an unprecedented international coalition. so when people came to me and said it's over, we won, that was fine. that was enough. >> you can watch the full conversation today at noon eastern time right here on msnbc as soon as we finish our show. stay tuned for that. everyone has seen trailers for movies, but what about trailers for commercials? well, budweiser is airing 15-second advertisements today that actually tease the beermaker's upcoming super bowl commercials. so take a look. ♪
10:46 am
to be continued. well, here with me now, president of the marketing department of america, john tantill. john, welcome. thanks for being here. >> thank you, alex. wonderful to be here. >> but previews for a commercial, do you think it's going a little too far? what's going on? >> no, it makes a lot of sense. >> really? >> because you see, the problem with most super bowl ads is it violates the law of frequency. which is the more you see the ad the more people will in fact buy your product. and for the most part most ads are maybe seen once or even twice during the super bowl, and it's really a problem. eyeballs do not equal sales. >> well, and the reason they don't see these xheshlcommercia often, what is it $3 million for 30 seconds this year? >> that is correct. >> that's huge. >> huge, and it's just not a rational buy. it's an emotional buy and a fun
10:47 am
buy. we all love to watch the commercials. i have nothing wrong with that. as a matter of fact, there's probably an inverse relationship between the attractiveness of the ad and whether people like the ad and whether they remember the brand. and that's not good news. >> so i'm curious if you think this is why budweiser is doing this. because we had 47 minutes and 50 seconds of commercials last super bowl. that's a lot. >> that's right. >> and you've got to have something to stand out. >> that's right. well, not only must stand out. it has to be reinforced. for an ad to be effective it has to be seen at least five times with optimal times ten. >> let's take a look at a pepsi ad right now together. here it is, everybody. >> sure. >> i like to buy in bulk. >> what's that smell? >> what smell? >> can i have one?
10:48 am
>> yeah. zero calories. >> what are you trying to say? >> oh, no, no, no, you're not fat. >> pepsi max. zero calories, maximum pepsi taste. >> what did you think? >> it's fun. it's entertaining. but is it going to sell pepsi? the biggest problem is people remembering the creative ads. the ridley scott ad for apple, 1984, considered the most entertaining and most creative. actually, apple sold less computers in '84 rather than more. >> okay. but your philosophy that you're espousing here, the fact is they keep doing it. these guys, the advertisers keep putting in the money -- >> sure. >> -- developing the ads. it has to be working. i mean, it's the way they do it. >> well, it could be working from a sales perspective. what i mean is sales in the trade. so if you're budweiser, you want your distributors to be happen
10:49 am
i-y it's a big party, i can invite my distributors. that makes a lot of sense. but whether or not it's going to get people to actually buy more bud, i don't know whether or not there's any data to supply that. as a matter of fact, beer intake has decreased 25% over the last few years. so they've got something that's really something to overcome this year. >> well, it's interesting talking with you, and i think what you're talking about makes sense. with the book. "people buy brands not companies." excellent. from john tantillo. >> alex, you're the best. >> and you're colorfly dressed. thank you. looking ahead to 2012, why aren't any of the best-known contenders throwing their hats into the race? it's coming up in our next hour. we'll be talking about it. i take care with vesicare, because i have better places to visit than just the bathroom. ( announcer ) once-daily vesicare can help control your bladder muscle, and is proven to treat overactive bladder with symptoms of frequent urges and leaks, day and night.
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america may still be struggling to get out from under a lengthy recession, but economic experts say there's plenty of reason to be optimistic as the recovery continues. and rick newman's one of them. he's the chief business
10:53 am
correspondent for "u.s. news & world report." and he's joining us again to talk about the positive side of this struggle, which is you know, refreshing i must say. >> right. if you compare yourself to where you were three or four years ago, it probably doesn't look so great, but if you want to make yourself better compare your standard of living to what it was 10, 20, even 30 years ago. and i think one of the big questions right now is is america going backward or is this just sort of a pause in our economic growth? and there is a pretty strong case that it is just a pause. this happens. progress is fitful. sometimes there are fast moments and slow moments. i think we're in a slow one. so if you look at things like housing, for example, i love this indicator. we know about all the troubles in the housing market. but homes have gotten a lot bigger over the last 20 or 30 years. and in fact, fewer people live in the typical home these days. so your personal space in your home is actually twice what it was in 1970, for example. we've got things today like cell phones, which we basically take
10:54 am
for granted. the internet, which we didn't even have 20 years ago. these actually improve our lives in ways that we just sort of take for granted. but you can shop, save money, do these things really quickly. i just compiled a bunch of these different measures and by a lot of these measures we're doing okay. >> okay. except when you look at the unemployment numbers. 9.4%. which is -- >> absolutely right. >> -- nothing to be optimistic about. >> absolutely right. and the only thing we can say is good about this is the economy's nose dive seems to be over. we're probably going to be adding jobs in 2011. and people have the right skills or continue to get the right skills will be the ones who find that they can get ahead. >> mm-hmm. people seem to be cutting costs all over the place. there are areas where they're not cutting costs. can you speak to that? >> we love our everyday conveniences, our small luxuries. we're spending the same amount on coffee, for example. booze sales have been stable over the last few years. things like that. we're not giving up our smartphones.
10:55 am
we're not giving up our tvs. things that -- inexpensive entertainment and things like that are definitely things that we spend money on. >> i'm curious, we talk about coffee, our smartphones, things like that that people literally can't do without -- >> we think we can't. >> again, we think we can't. that's -- the companies are aware of that. so they realize that they can actually up their prices and get them. >> look at apple computer. it's astonishing. there's been no recession at apple. the company continues to go gangbusters by selling what are pretty expensive products. you're right about that. >> what about ones that are trying to break in there and offer the low-priced things? we saw before the holidays so many great sales with computers and the like. and you're right, apple is one that still comes out on top. and it is the priciest. >> if you look at things that are still doing well, it's things that make people feel like they belong to a community. people do value that. so that's why facebook, you don't pay for facebook but other things like this, if you can help people save money you're going to be doing fine. that's why we're seeing groupon, for example, and other things like that that are really
10:56 am
catching on. a lot of these companies are going gangbusters but they're not selling expensive purses and luxury items like they used to. it's ways to help people find meaning and value today. >> it's not all bad. >> it's not all bad. and you know, this is creative destruction and a lot of interesting new things are going to come out of this. but you're right, we need to get more people back to work. >> oh, for sure. rick newman, thanks so much. >> thanks, alex. arctic blast. bitter cold grips the northeast. it's about to get colder as well. we have the latest from the weather channel next on "msnbc sunday." as a manager, my team counts on me to stay focused. so i take one a day men's 50+ advantage. it's the only complete multivitamin with ginkgo to support memory and concentration. plus vitamin d to help maintain healthy blood pressure. [ bat cracks ] that's a hit.
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[ male announcer ] call now to book any norwegian cruise and get up to a four-category upgrade. or for a limited-time, book a mini-suite on norwegian epic to the caribbean or europe for the price of a balcony. [ female announcer ] so book today. freestyle cruising. only on norwegian cruise line. next on "msnbc sunday," the big freeze from the midwest to the east coast, but the wintry woes may grow even worse. the race is on. it is the first sign of the 2012 presidential campaign, and mitt romney's name is all over it. oprah's got a secret, a big one, and she's going to spill it. but just when? and breakfast may be for champions, but how come it can make you fat? we have a new study that provides the skinny on that for you. good morning, everyone. i'm alex witt. welcome to "msnbc sunday," where it's just about 11:00 a.m. here on the east coast. 8:00 a.m. out west. get to what's happening right now for you. we're


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